Sunday, January 16, 2005


Last night, in a dream, i got shot and died. Someone had told me, that the person coming in the room was going to kill someone, that he always killed someone, when he comes into that room. I asked if I was the one who was shot, every time he comes in that room. The person who was telling me this, said that there were always survivors, when the madman left the room. Then the madman comes in the room, and in the dream i am pregnant or I had just told everyone i was pregnant just to make them do or not do something, either way i think that influences his decision, or insane non-decision, for he shoots me and i die, and he and everyone else in the room walk away. Also in my dream, long before that, my two elvish friends are riding horses in a parking lot somewhere and I am watching; a short white one and a tall brown one. And they use the parking lot to ride around in for a while, but we are forced to leave by the police. Then we are in a long tunnel, running down it to get somewhere, and we land at a waterslide at an amusement park, a place i have been to in my dreams many times before, recently, and we wait in a line which trails up stairs, through plastic tubes, around waterfalls, all over. And the two of them eat a strawberry cake, and I am able to get a strawberry cake from someone else in line, who doesn't want the rest of theirs. The two of them then leave me there, for they have other business to take care of.


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