Thursday, December 16, 2004


this time away from Limetown, hiding away in my Dad's place in foxtown, has been like a respite for me; which was as I'd planned it. I gravely needed one, and perhaps still not a long enough one-- but it is time for a change. If the days start looking too alike, room for havoc in the mind breaks in. Today I'll go elsewhere... That is, towards Limetown, in order to pick up a few things... But we'll see if there's anywhere to stop over on the way there. I have a photographic quest in mind, which may or may not be accomplished. You have no idea how pretty the road is, between here and Limetown. That is, during the months when you can clearly see the mountains. They are taller and stretch out for longer than you can possibly imagine; i mean, i myself can hardly imagine them even now, though I've seen them many times... Which is why I want to take pictures: so I can believe myself my memory, when I am not looking at them... When I am indeed lightyears away from anything alike.


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