Thursday, December 16, 2004


last night i dreamed i rented a studio space, along a sidewalk which was very dangerous and on which high-schoolers had to tread each morning to school. there was a person there that they were trying to kill; i couldn't tell if the killers were fishermen or government people, and i couldn't tell if the person was a humanized mermaid or a spy or both. they were trying to immobalize her by spraying huge amounts of mustard at her. one of my elvish friends was there, in fact the both of them were, also starting up a studio. i caught myself wishing to be her again; i remembered thinking i wished to be the other one too, not as much like her, in fact a polar opposite in many ways. and in my dream i was certain, as though i'd made up my mind for sure and was looking only for the money, that i was going to learn to teach english as a foreign language in this program i ran into online the day before, in praha. but largely i remember watching my elf-girl putting up snazzy gothic decorations and everybody complimenting, and then my thinking i need to get decorations just like that, make my space look just like this-- and for the first time perhaps it caught me as strange that i was having such thoughts.


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