Monday, October 25, 2004


it's funny how a week can frame-off time, become its own world. last week was a funny world, and i don't feel like i live there anymore, like we've transitioned into a different dimension by changing weeks. to think, one day i will experience my last week, and then there will be no more weeks on earth, for me at least. thinking about death reminds me of science fiction sometimes; like a last week on earth, like you're about to begin your adventure story in another solar system or something. here i am rambling when i had an actual story to relate; it must be that time of morning, or the state my body is in. i put it through half a bottle of popovs last night and don't remember much of the result, but found some ugliness staining the bathroom rug this morning to give me an idea... i have the funniest thoughts while coming back to the world from a state of utter drunken debauchery; some of my best have come at that time. i've never had an idea come to me in the shower but i've had plenty that have come to me while slowly recovering from being hungover.


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