Monday, October 25, 2004


i need it to rain again. last week there was rain and it brought us closer together. it was inspiring, like a challenge. now things are bright and sunny like normal and nothing motivates me. it feels like nothing's worth going for, today. yesterday i was having trouble thinking of things to do, and last week i was wondering where i'd find enough days to do all the things there were to do. i suppose it shows, since here i am writing again; i guess i don't write as much while i feel motivated to do other things. i made a sort of itinerary for myself, of things i wanted to accomplish within the week. half of them remain undone and tomorrow will have been the last day on that itinerary. not that those kinds of self-imposed obligations are worth feeling too guilty over, it's just kind of funny how the world has turned over, how differently everything feels and looks, with just the absence of the rain... or whatever else it was that was hanging over last week, that made things so much more interesting...


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