Monday, October 18, 2004


i'll actually be seeing a psychologist today! i was directed to her by a psychologist i met at a party a few months ago in Limetown. I never knew where to start about finding myself a shrink, but i somehow knew in the back of my head, some leftover realization from the desert, that i'd be needing one sooner or later, or that the time was soon when it would become a good idea to talk to one... While i guess i wouldn't highlight myself as the world's mentally-healthiest person, i never thought that i would be needing to go to a psychologist for help; i guess i've always had a stereotype in my head, of people who go for psychological counselling as people really on the edge or who can't take care of their own problems themselves; people going to a shrink as their last ditch effort... But nonetheless here i am, hopeful that this will turn out fruitful...


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