Saturday, September 11, 2004


i have somewhat of a strong inclination to see the ocean. i had it since the time in the desert ended. i don't know whether that means to take a short trip to Champaigne Coast or whether it implied a many-day excursion to a certain place i know far north of here... between this place and a region with a different culture, called by me Lantern Cove... Lantern Cove is a colder place and people from Champainge Coast complain that there's not enough parking along its streets. People from LC and CC complain about each other alot and are almost always saying nasty things about each other's towns. I once drove from Champaigne Coast to Lantern Cove in one day; it took 8 hours and i didn't stop. one crosses through the regions of foxtown and Basketville as well as Floorheel on the way through this vast impenetrable valley of farms while one goes through. (reminder; all the names of places will be in code in this blog so i don't have to deal with people: "hey i was boredly searching the net under my name and i found your blog and now i know what you think about me" kind of mess, which has happened to me too often.) If one follows the coast between these two extremes, one passes through a different realm of towns, however. the scenic route casts one through beachy places, where i have found myself a number of times. i have come to dislike many of the people who live in the town i'm thinking of; i've found them impatient and intrusive, and i've had multiple bad experience with the locals on the same day, enough to make me really annoyed with the folks who live there. of course, it might be that i seem strange and city-like to them by now. which is strange; since i come from a place no bigger than the town they live in. how one's appearance is shaped without one's even noticing. how suprising when one day you wake up and one is responding to you as you would have responded to someone from a totally different location, not long ago... i don't know if i'm currently a city-person or a rural-person at this time... i feel a little in the twighlight zone between... Limetown is like that; not quite one and not quite the other, but when i'm in the city i feel a little rural, and when i'm in foxtown or the like, i feel like i'm in a very tiny place. nowhere feels quite normal or natural these days; everything feels either very large or very small. changing locations has this pendulum feel to it, of going from one extreme sort of something to the other. perhaps my desire for the sea has to do with that; perhaps i just want some sort of environment that's clean, like an empty open slate... or perhaps i have to just go there, in order to find out what it is... while my intense burning desire to fly of far away somewhere has been cooled for now, i still do have this strange craving to at least putter around for a while, especially since i have now discovered i can more or less live comfortably out of my car...


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