Saturday, September 18, 2004


last night we had a ball. two sides of my life came together for the first time. a friend of mine, who i have seen rise to the level of a small god, wished me well. i was consoled by a stranger who emerged and dissappeared into the dark behind the screen. two of my secrets became known to each other. there were red lights everywhere. people from different universes, danced the dances of one, to the music of the other. potions flew left and right. conversations broke and grew again from shattered parts. mad lovely children sat on a swing like a painting. people revealed that they had changed. the two worlds merged, then bickered, and were almost one by the end. i told only a few of where i am going, and that this party is also to tell me goodbye. i was held close by a man i thought a stranger, and i was held away by one i had imagined at the center of my life. things were confused, and made clear at the same time. i saw the dancer whose dance makes me yearn to become her, and was told in my ear not to wish for so little. the end, and we are driving home, and the city is a dark outline against the sky, and the palm trees, those never-ending palm trees, dot the spaces over, under and between the rooftops, like they were our excuse for stars.


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Hi Caliway:

Hope you are well. Have to let you know -- we know it's only a blog, but we own the re:invention trademark. Since you don't have an email or way to contact you listed, we are contacting you via "comment."

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September 30, 2004 at 6:19 PM  

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