Saturday, September 18, 2004

across ocean--

this is the eve before the day when i am collected up to be taken over the sea to very Elsewhere than i have ever been, and i have no thoughts but that i don't know what to think. at this moment i have no anticipations, no powers of expectation, as to what to have in mind, of what to create in my mind, as part of the prior experience. my dear friend huggs me close and tells me, like an incantation; "have so much fun. have SO much fun!" and i tell him that i will, though i cannot at the moment muster any excitement, any demonstration of joy... it is a place i have wished all year to go, and now, like a maiden voyage, i will be going, like a trip before the trip almost, to teach my mind how to think of the place, perhaps... i will be gone two weeks.


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