Monday, August 16, 2004


i have spent time wondering, now and again, when i find myself in a place where i have never been, far away from all familiar-- i catch myself wondering, aimlessly, whether it is still possible to go somewhere... and never see anything, anyone i had ever seen before. out on the ocean on which Champaigne Coast overhangs, pranced-over by beautiful people wearing next to nothing, i walk a stranger, and i wonder how far i would have to go; to essentially dissappear... there is a great aching part of me that still wants nothing more than to be GONE-- like the invisible man... to put on a disguise and never be seen again; but to have reappeared, for the first time, somewhere else--- in another world; to be another person, another member of the same species but not the same category of person... there are days during which i catch myself wondering, if that point has passed yet, at which it would become impossible to never cross paths again with any ember of the life i've ever lived before... there are times, when i wonder, if it is too late to change Person... or if there is such a point...


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