Saturday, August 14, 2004

the way starbucks feels...

Starbucks feels a little like a machine, compared to all the other coffee shops and restaurants here in Limetown. I was a little hesitant to come in here today, since i've been in this same starbucks everyday for the last two weeks and honestly i don't like thinking the staff might be thinking wierd thoughts about me like "why doesn't she get a job" or stuff like that... i don't know why i would care except maybe for pride or some other silly reason. when i order my ten-thousandth coffee-grande-thingie in here, if they give me an opportunity to explain myself, i'll let them know that i'm studying for a license that will help me GET a job, which is actually the true reason why i've been in here every day..... That, and the fact that i can get internet in here.... It's kinda annoying to have to go to starbucks every time you want to randomly poke around on the internet, but as long as i can reassure myself that it's all just a big machine, that the employees don't care and aren't paid to care, that if i dress up cute no one will mind my presence anyway, and that everyone's too involved with their own part of the mechanics of the world to be concerned about what i'm doing in here every day with my computer and my books, i'll be able to come in again tomorrow and the next day with a clear conscience.


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