Friday, August 20, 2004


i woke up this morning to the thundering sound of trains outside my window. i had stupidly left the tv on all night and the swim-stars were combating on the olympics-coverage overhead. silly reporters with screaming fans. there was a heinous rattling sound coming from the factory next door. the trucks must have been downshifting, or whatever other term my housemate uses to describe the queer activities of trucks would there apply, and a brutal, low humming, rumbling and undulating amongst the brittle trees outside, hovered above the air, lower than sound but higher than my mind, overtaking thought. i thought: "i've got to get out of here." and i had nowhere to go but to the car, downtown of LimeTown-- it is so hard to find a place to study anything here. the place isn't set up for it; and the people are not accustomed to studying-places, studying-people or study-times... this is one aspect in which the people here can never understand me; where i come from...


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