Wednesday, August 25, 2004


i just realized that an ancient scratch left by my cat is still on the back of my right hand from long ago-- it was just a touch on her part but it will probably last on me forever... and i had only been looking down at it, after a disturbing bit of news from online; just a statistic... but enough to make that right hand of mine quiver and grow cold-- and looking down on it to gain relief, as one does to re-establish that one is only dreaming whilst during a nightmare, i percieve that my cat's babtism has left a clear and straight, elegant trench amongst my other veins, settled neatly into those grooves which i was born with... how quickly knocked off course one is by an unnerving bit of news-- how far from the track-- and also, how notted and gruesome my hands have become, these weeks of glass... cats and glass; beloved things that, while smooth, cut with a touch...


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