Saturday, August 14, 2004


Tonight there will be a puppet show here in Limetown. this time of month is special for this city; they have a special name for it and all the galleries open up thier doors. and certain people who usually go unseen come out and do acts in the little theatres in the galleries' corners and there are local bands that come and play. it's a weird little down but it has this special, most important weekend once a month. there's a single puppeteer in this city, i located her once while i was searching for info about puppets online long ago, and i had discovered that, of all the puppeteers around, she's the single representative of our little region. so she's been appearing more and more often, coming out of her little studio to do performances in the crazy downtown. she never used to do that before: her art was for the troubled teenagers in the area, and she's never even put up one of her puppets for sale. but now she's getting into the Limetown Downtown scheme of things, and i heard her say that perhaps she would have a gallery opening of the marionettes she's made, and have them for sale; since that's how art works here. that's how it's set up to work. i get swept in too: i start thinking, "maybe i could make some things, and put them right in this place where this thing by someone else is now, and maybe somebody would buy it and maybe i could make some money, if it was just the right kind of thing and just the type of stuff that people around here really want to take home..." it's kind of contagious, and i never worked in that type of artistic environment before. i mean, in college it was all academic; the most cerebral art piece won the teacher's affections. but now it's visceral. now it's more sex organs and violence and lifestyle-art. more decorations for the kitchen, the bathroom, the space next to the couch. my college would have frowned upon such uses of art, but that doesn't seem to matter from here. i actually was concerned, for a little while, of the little puppeteer, whose trade it was to entertain children and help emotionally and mentally-challenged teenagers to learn, coming into the crazy atmosphere of downtown, where the main theme of art seems, honestly, to be sex, in its nastiest sense, more often than not. i see more grotesque images of naked women, disembodied female body parts, random disembodied sex parts, angels screwing, wrestlers screwing, saints and religious figures with overgrown blasphemous organs, and erotic etc than much of any other single topic around here. The only other subject that gets as much attention as sex is probably Jesus, and even he isn't cast in a very positive light. The main bulk of art here isn't made to be 'pretty' per se; it's big on gutteral and dark humor and ugly commentary and gut-reactions. Lots of skaters and punks walk around here, and so there gets to be alot of fire and thorns to "cool"-ize a regular work of art. There is literally a mobile hanging in the main gallery right now that's just a bunch of ceramic flacid penises and breasts just hanging on strings from the cieling, i am not kidding. So i'm in the main band venue a few nights ago, and it happens to be open mic night, and all these folks are there with their guitars, and i notice the puppeteer lady is there, and i instantly wonder "is she going to sing the song about the happy orangatangues in the jungle that she sang in her last performance in this neighborhood?" and the first two guys get up with their guitars and sing songs from Radiohead and Green Day and really suck. Then a few folks who used to work in the same store as me get up and do a really adorable, but still kinda sucky version of an Indigo Girls song. Then this chick with an amazing voice who i'd seen perform a town over gets up and does some awesome renditions of indie tunes i'd never heard before... and then this puppeteer gets up, and she talks to the crowd of artists and indie-wannabee-kids like "hello, ladies and gentlemen!" her tone of voice is so ingrained with the kids-performance tone that it seems like she couldn't roughen it up for our crowd if she tried... and she explains that the song she's going to sing is usually for children with learning disabilities and that it's about the jungle, and that usually she has the audience fill in the words she doesn't say-- and i'm thinkin 'oh no... not that... DON'T let this poor lady do that...' imagining her singing "the monkeys love to swing from the...?" and people going "cock! skank-ho" randomly or something... but fortunatelly she says that she won't do it that way for this time, which relieves me somewhat.... acutally, she didn't do a bad job. just a perfectly normal song about happy little monkeys swinging in the rainforest and all that jazz... then the awesome chick got up to sing some more and everybody cheered... so tonight i'm going to go and check out this lady's act, her REAL act-- and i don't mean singing to 10 year olds about animals-- i mean she's breaking out her Asian puppets and going to do some shadow theatre, which is what i've been waiting to see her do... coincidentally, she's doing this act in a room at the end of the same hallway in which, earlier today, i coincidently saw a photo of a Mutaytor performer I saw in person not long ago... i wonder if he knows he's there.. and that he's for sale for about 600 bucks :)


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