Wednesday, August 25, 2004

moments like that...

it's moments like that when all the yacking is just yacking; all the gossip and the stories are only that, and there is no profit to be gained by listening to either but by seeing the scene, the drama that's enwrapping us before us.. no other way to understand but by this tale; this humanly dilemma-- i will never see such a tale told in front of me again and the outcome could be anything, be anywhere-- but anywhere's as good enough a consequence as nowhere-- and whatever may happen does not affect the cognition that is of the now, and soley of the now, and which cannot be taken or denied by further analysis, later or far away-- there IS a more complex way to understand things--- too often we resort to black or white--- too often we are caught between, and there where the grey is not a point of freedom from the two but the trap, the gulf between where there is only chaos and confusion.. doubt, and dryness of desire... but this is a moment at which both hilltops show themselves in full as only spires, as only points in space around which others collect, or choose, pick and choose to collect-- it is nice for a while not to have to choose a side; to see simply the both of them as sides... but not the world, our complicated and wierd world, as a coin wherein there is room for only the two, and none between.


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