Friday, August 20, 2004

life insurance

i take a life insurance test on monday. my lifestyle has been to awaken in the morning, run to starbucks and plug in, drill myself with online quizzes and research all the terms i don't know until noon, go over and work 5 hours at the glass studio (a paid study break), get cut up a bit, run back to starbucks and plug back in again with slightly more mutilated fingers, research and study life and health insurance again until either starbucks closes or i collapse; whichever happens first. go home, sleep until i pry myself from bed the next day and do the whole thing again. i long to be free from this lifestyle, needless to say. and meanwhile my email gathers messages from this group of kids who i haven't told much about this test; with whom i am going away, for a while, to celebrate life in a very different setting, very soon after this test is done. so in a week, if all goes according to plan, i will be a life agent, running away to the desert, to dance around a burning pire... and then who will i be then, when it was done? i will return to the land of limes and pursue new licenses; i have car and home insurance to seek and obtain, as well as the esteemed securities license... will things feel different, as i am told they will, after that quest to the desert is done? i cannot predict, but it makes my stomach turn... turn... and turn in perpetual curiosity....


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