Saturday, August 14, 2004

fingers 2

my fingers are more scratched now that i've worked a few days in the glass shop. the biggest scrape on my first finger, is almost grown back now. i had a ring on that finger when i cut it, with an owl image on it... it's a ring i wear for good luck sometimes when there's something i'm studying. when i got cut, the finger swelled so much i couldn't get the ring off, and part of me wondered what if the finger was permanently swollen, and what if i would be wearing that ring forever; continuously lucky in learning... but that was when, the other day, i peered under the bandaid and what was there was a few white globules of milky flesh growing in a tiny pool of red gelatinous blood, and it looked really heinous and scary and discusting, and when i tried to get my ring off, since it was squeezing and i was worried it would cut off bloodflow or something, it only made the white chunks turn red and i got all freaked out and just covered it with the bandaid again. today, though, the swelling was reduced to the point i could get the ring off... and i did so immediatelly. now it's my other fingers that have little cuts all over them; this always happens after a hietus from glass work... returning to the stuff always chopps me up a bit; i get rusty in how to handle it, or maybe my skin softens back up after it's been away from the stuff for a while... one's hands turn hard after a while with it; exposed to cuts and scratches and scrapes and even burns (i got another of my fingers burned on a led-iron yesterday... it doesn't hurt though)...


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