Saturday, August 14, 2004

a disgusting dream...

I had a really gross dream the night before last... do you remember the models of cells and molecules we used to do in 4th grade? well, perhaps i shouldn't assume that everyone that will pass by this site will have had the same 4th grade education as me, but anyways i still remember those wierd artsy craftsy plates with wierd junk glued to them, that were supposed to be a learning trick to teach us all the bizarre parts of a cell. bright and colorful and multi-media and 3-d and the whole thing. well, in my dream, there was a new disease going around where REAL bacteria were manifesting on people's skin and looking just like those 4th-grade projects; huge green jelly-like circles with heinous bulges in the center representing nuclei and whatnot, and people were in general freaking out just because these things were so ugly. and in my dream i myself got a nasty one on my arm. it was an unpleasant dream, and such a real-feeling one that even now, 2 days later, i can feel that ugly symptom there on my arm. It makes you wonder sometimes what a dream is really talking about, when even remembering back on the dream turns your stomach, the way only things in real life are supposed to do. that's what we mean when we say a dream "felt real:" some dreams come around that hold such a sway over our actual bodilly reactions, that we actually squirm and writhe or feel the burn or fear down deep inside; respond instinctively, as though they were no less real than the world we are awake in.


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